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Corrosion Resistant Metals
for Corrosive Environments

Corrugated Accessories

James River Steel also supplies the many accessories needed to complete your project. If you are interested in a product that it is not listed below, please contact a representative and we will assist you in finding the necessary items.


  • Galvanized Cee's & Zee's
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Corrugated Screws and Fasteners
Wood Screw Fasteners. When Fastening panels to wood supports. Stitch screws used for fastening sidelaps (#12 & #14 aluminum).

Plain and Painted Special #9x1
Cadmium Tin Plated, "S" Pt. #9x1.5
With 20 gage, 1/2" O.D. Galvanized #9x2
Bonded With EPDM Washer #9x2.5

Self Tapping Screws...When fastening panels to structural members (TypeB). Stitch screws (Type A) used for fastening sidelaps.

Plain and Painted Cad-Plated CAD
or 305 Stainless Steel, with Galv. #14x3/4 A or B
or S.S.1/2" O.D. Bonded with #14x1 A or B
EPDM Washer. #14x1 1/2 A or B
(Stainless #12x3/4 & #12x 1 AB) #14x2 A or B

Note: Both Type A and Type B Fasteners
Require Pre-Drilling

Self Drilling Screws... When fastening panels to light structural steel. #14MP stitch screws used for fastening sidelaps.

Cad-plated Steel Screws with Galv. #12-14x1
Bonded with EPDM Washer. Available #12-14x1 1/4
in 305* Stainless Steel Capped** #12-14x1 1/2
Washer. *. 140 Mini Point
** Carbon Steel Screw With 305 S.S Cap

Note: Touch-Up Paint May Be Needed For Heads.

Expanded Metal Lath

An additional item has been added to the ever increasing line of stainless steel products available from James River Steel, Inc. We now handle stainless steel Expanded Metal Lath. Lath is available in both standard and flattened patterns. It is also available in carbon steel and galvanized steel


James River Steel, Inc. prides itself in the variety of fabricated metal building components it produces and supplies to the construction industry. Besides the roll formed panels we supply for siding, roof decks and floor decks, we supply a wide assortment of miscellaneous products such as angles, plate, tread plate, pipe, screws, bolts and flashing sheet

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