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Corrosion Resistant Metals
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Completed Projects

Corrugated Metals & Fiberglass

These are just a few of the many companies who have incorporated James River Steel's stainless steel roof decks and floor decks.

Jefferson Smurfitt - Jacksonville, FL Paper Machine Roof

Georgia Pacific - Cedar Springs, GA Paper Machine Roof

Rock Tenn - Dallas, TX Paper Machine Roof

Champion Paper - Canton, NC Fiberline Building

Scott Paper - Owensboro, KY Tissue Machine Building

Kimberly Clark - Beach Island, SC Tissue Machine Building

International Paper - Bogalusa, LA Paper Machine Building

Westvaco - Luke, MD Paper Machine Building

Austell Box Board - Austell, GA Paper Mill Stock Preparation Roof

Bayer Chemical - Elkhart, IN Bayer Chemical Roof Replacement

Georgia Pacific - Crossit, AK Paper Machine Roof

Riverwood International - Macon, GA Recycle Mill Roof

Georgia Pacific - Crossit, AK Turbine Roof

Bay West Paper - Middletown, OH Roof Replacement

Union Camp - Franklin, VA F Bleach Line Building

International Paper - Riegelwood, NC Equipment Lagging

Georgia Pacific - Palatka, FL Pump House Roof


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