Aluminized Steel Deck and Decking

Stainless 409 Corrugated Panels & Flat Sheets

James River Steel can provide industrial deck panels in 409 Aluminized Stainless Steel. This economical industrial decking provides the strength of steel plus the corrosion resistance of aluminum. It is coated in 91% aluminum and 9% silicon making it relatively easy to paint, weldable and highly resistant to heat. We have manufactured corrugated aluminized steel in B deck that was used successfully in both coal and coke processing applications. It may be the better choice than 304 stainless deck in some applications. We specialize in corrugated stainless steel roof decks, floor decks and siding, often effective solutions in life cycle cost comparisons. Call James River Steelto discuss your specific industrial decking application.  

Aluminized Deck 409

·     Custom cuts up to 48” widths

·     Thicknesses from .048” - .030”

·     Minimum order required

·     Type 1 hot dip coating - corrosion resistant

·     Good formability and weldability

·     Heat resistant

·     Lower cost that stainless steel

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